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Terms and conditons

The visitor pays a pre-payment amount to BestTours.com.sg either via the Paypal payment portal or by credit/debit card which secures or holds the booking. This may be a portion or the entire amount. Any outstanding amount is paid directly to BestTours.com.sg upon arrival, usually in cash.

The transactions are made using the Paypal payment system which offers the highest standards of security and adheres to a strict Privacy Policy so your data is protected. When paying by credit card or via Paypal, no credit card information is shared or stored by BestTours.com.sg (See Data Protection below) To learn more about the security of Paypal please click on the relevant link below:

More information about the security of Paypal can be found here.

After the pre-payment authorisation via Paypal is received, BestTours.com.sg will contact the Tour Operator to be ensure that the service is available for the exact period and for the requested number of participants.

It is the aim of BestTours.com.sg to confirm the accommodation availability to the visitor within 12 hours. It is only after BestTours.com.sg has confirmed the booking availability with the Tour Operator that payment is taken. A confirmation email will then be sent to the guest that will include all details and the contact details of the Tour Operator.

If the Tour is not available during the requested time period, then no payment will be taken. However, alternatives may be offered if available. If the visitor wishes to choose one of the alternatives suggested, then the visitor would need to start the booking process again on BestTours.com.sg website to book the Tour.

BestTours.com.sg aims to confirm the availability of the Tour to the visitor within 12 hours. Once we have informed the visitor that the Tour is available, we will hold the particular Tour for another 12 hours, in which time the visitor needs to initiate the money transfer if requested by us. The visitor has 48 hours in which to make the payment and send us proof thereof. It is only then that the Tour booking process is completed and your Tour fully reserved.

If we do not receive payment within 48 hours, the Tour inventory will be released again and the visitor’s request will be cancelled. If the visitor is still interested in the Tour, unfortunately the booking process will need to be started again from the beginning.

A person can booking where he/ she is one of the people who will be utilizing the service. A person can book on behalf of another person/group and not be part of the service, but we may decline if the payment mode was Credit Card and the customer fail to produce a copy of the credit card used to make the payment. This is for safety, security purposes & legal reasons so that we have the correct information and contact details of the people using the service.

Visitors have the right to cancel the Tour or service that has been booked at any point. Where BestTours.com.sg doesn’t charge any cancellation fee, there might be a cancellation charge applied by the Tour Operator. This will be mentioned at the time of Booking. We recommend that visitors arrange appropriate travel insurance in order to cover any possible losses.

If the visitors need to cancel the entire reservation, they need to inform BestTours.com.sg as soon as possible by email or through the contact form on the website. Please do not assume that BestTours.com.sg has received your notification until you have received a confirmation reply.

Cancellation charges may vary from service to service, its customers responsibility to check and accept cancellation policy.

BestTours.com.sg reserves the right to cancel an existing confirmed booking for any reason at any time. BestTours.com.sg is not liable for any extra expense incurred by the visitor resulting from a cancellation. BestTours.com.sg recommends appropriate travel insurance is purchased by the visitor.

BestTours.com.sg is not liable for changes or cancellations that are due to factors beyond their control, such as flood, fire, earthquake, wars, other natural disasters or strikes such as train or airline strikes etc, nor do they make reimbursements in connection therewith.

BestTours.com.sg also reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking if it does not adhere to our terms and conditions or we feel could compromise the safety or security of other guest or personal that we service or of its tour providers.

Guests wishing to make changes or part-cancellations to their booking must inform BestTours.com.sg by email as soon as possible.

If a change is not possible then the normal cancellation conditions apply. Please do not assume that BestTours.com.sg has received your notification until you have received a confirmation email reply.

BestTours.com.sg displayed prices and receives payment are in Singapore Dollars. Visitors can pay using their own country's currency which will be converted by payment processor. BestTours.com.sg is not liable for any charges associated with this.

BestTours.com.sg cannot be held responsible for matters that form service agreement between the visitor and the Tour Operator and/ or Attraction. Hence, a contract exists only between the Operator and the visitor. BestTours.com.sg’s liability as an intermediary extends only to gross negligence or intent.

BestTours.com.sg do everything possible and go to great lengths to ensure that the Tour information is correct and regularly updated on our website. BestTours.com.sg is however not liable if the information on their website does not match the true state of the product or Attraction. BestTours.com.sg have no liability for the images or descriptions on its website to truly reflect the state attraction or Tour activity.

BestTours.com.sg is not liable for any damages which might arise from websites which have a link to the BestTours.com.sg website. BestTours.com.sg is also not liable for the contents of these linked websites.

BestTours.com.sg is also not liable for any possible damages incurred by visitors or others using their website. This is especially applicable in case of computer break-down or temporary failures of computer functions and/or means of communication on the BestTours.com.sg website such as temporary failures of communication by e-mail.

Any disputes between the Tour Operator/ Attraction and visitor will be settled by BestTours.com.sg acting as an arbitrary third party if necessary and accepted by both parties.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Any disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.